Are you an experienced trader?



If you are an experienced protein or foods trader and you are ready to be an entrepreneur, please let us know.  We are continuously looking for the right people to join our new trading platform.  


Meat Trade Group is not your traditional trading company.  We are a group of professional traders who work together to enhance and better each other's busines.  Meat Trade Group provides a platform from which you will be able to grow your own business as an entrepreneur. You will have the ability to manage, grow and expand your business as you see fit, no matter where you are in the world.


Our concept looks to build a strong global team of traders that work in an efficient manner, allowing each of us to be competitive in our markets.  We are looking for those traders that hold our same philosophies of business: trust worthiness, honesty, respect, hard work, fun, enjoy life. We provide the financial and organizational platform to allow you to properly manage your business and become an efficient business unit.


If you are looking to build yourself a future on your terms...give us a call.  We would love to talk to you.