Who We Are...

Meat Trade Group was created to provide professional traders a structure and space to properly execute their business in the manner they feel is best for their customers. Our professional team is able to service customers around the world in the food service, retail, wholesale and processing industries.  We are confident that our best business practices as well as our contacts, experience and product knowledge will provide the highest standards of professionalism, efficiency, and cost efectiveness...not to mention service.  We strive not only to provide competitive pricing, but to make doing business with us a pleasure.
Meat Trade Group and its partners have over 25 years of industry experience, allowing our suppliers and customers to feel secure and trust that their business needs is in good hands. We work with the philosphy that we must fully understand both our customer's and supplier's businesses in order to better service them. This not only includes understanding their businesses but also the political, economic and cultural climate where our customers and suppliers are located. 
We firmly believe that if our customers are successful, we will be successful.  If our suppliers are successful, so in turn will we.  This allows us to bridge the divide between producer, customer and end user.  The development of trust between us and whom we do business with is the key to a successful partnership and to our ability to build our business in the future.
Our Partners
Meat Trade Group looks to partner with those companies that allow us to broaden the product offerings and services that continue to help our customers in international markets.
Meat Trade Group has partnered with Top Beaf / MexiCold (https://www.mexicold.com.mx) in Mexico in order to offer further processed and value added items, as well as processing services for those that need it.